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BiCon 2002

The annual UK bisexual gathering

16-18 August 2002, College Hall, Leicester

Accommodation deadline: July 31st

BiCon is the UK National Bisexual Convention, a fun long weekend for discussion of things somewhat related to bisexuality, sex and sexuality and for partying with like-minded people.

About BiCon
A few words describing BiCon, and events happening there: the timetable, session programme, and the innovative DIY disco.
How to book
Including payment options, prices for registration and accommodation and booking forms.
Information about the College Hall venue in Leicester, including directions for various modes of transport and photographs.
News and links
Links to news about BiCon important and trivial, and other useful links, including the BiCon 2002 diary for the latest news. Bookings as of 2002-07-16: 100, rooms booked: 93
Helping out
How to volunteer for BiCon, and how to tell the world.
Contact us
Email, postal, and phone contact details.

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